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  1. Cancun Challege

    It is very interesting how the meatheads are trying so hard to raise expectations.
  2. The "whiners" here aren't in the minority afterall

    LOL at Tempo's trying so hard to turn a positive for the program into a negative to try to keep his narrative intact.
  3. Fire Ron Guenther

    The game against Western Michigan will be much more accesible for Illini fans than Detroit. Kalamazoo is the same distance from Chicago as Champaign.
  4. The stars are aligned

    2003-2004 A 2004-2005 A+ 2005-2006 A- 2006-2007 B- 2007-2008 D 2008-2009 B+ 2009-2010 C- 2010-2011 C+
  5. The stars are aligned

    I won't go so far as another 1 seed prediction, but 2013 could be a special year.
  6. See Ya Bruce!

    Poor post season? ROTFLMAO!!!!!!
  7. You got one cratch. The hook sunk deep. Get me some pliers.
  8. Open Letter to Ron Guenther

    This team made many of you eat crow when you wrote off their chances of making the tourney and winning a game.
  9. Open Letter to Ron Guenther

    I was tempted to drive there like I did for the 2004 Duke game in Atlanta. I was saving my trip in case we made the Sweet 16. Can't do everything. How many games did you make it to this year?
  10. Open Letter to Ron Guenther

    And you are even lower on the food chain than Tempo.
  11. Open Letter to Ron Guenther

    So your answer in none? You haven't seen any of them play? You aren't even a Rivals subscriber so you are lower on the information food chain.
  12. Open Letter to Ron Guenther

    We had a ton in Seattle. I look forward to seeing the team make you eat crow.
  13. See Ya Bruce!

    Yes, that was a game where we really needed the Meyers we hoped to have by now.
  14. Open Letter to Ron Guenther

    How many of the 2011 class have you seen play personally?
  15. See Ya Bruce!

    Not bad for a low water mark.