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  1. Matta's long lost brother

    Ha. They grew up in the same county.
  2. Hey, I started a new thread!

    What is that, a cruller? We're a friggin top 20 program! No way we should hire a coach that eats crullers. Might as well move us to the MVC. If this isn't a rumor and he really does eat crullers then I'm giving up my A section tix. Friggin crullers. Thanks Guenther.
  3. The Problem: Coaches don't want to come work for MT

    I think it went more like this... MT: Want to come to Illinois? Jerrance and Robert Smith are locked in as 2 of your assistants. SS: You're telling me who my assistants are going to be? MT: Yep. SS: Nah, I'm good.
  4. VCU's game tonight

    The difference is that VCU overachieved for a 12 seed...
  5. VCU's game tonight

    You just described the entire MVC.
  6. VCU's game tonight

    Good point. Competent coaches never blow leads in the tourney while coaching young guys against superior competition.
  7. VCU's game tonight

    Maybe, but I hate IU almost enough that I'd be cool with that. I really don't think a Sweet 16 run eliminates us. That said, if they knocked Kentucky off he could probably hold out until next year to see if a blue blood job opened up.
  8. Interesting Shaka tidbit

    Yep. Unless you play PG for the Knicks, the NBA isn't fond of turnover machines. He should test though. All juniors should.
  9. Meyers Leonard-Junior Year

    So you're sitting on a $2M lottery ticket with an option to sit on it for a year with the off-chance you can turn it into a ~$4M lottery ticket, or it could completely lose value. You don't cash it in?
  10. Meyers Leonard-Junior Year

    Last pick in the first round gets over $2M guaranteed and hella good coaching.
  11. Meyers Leonard-Junior Year

    It doesn't matter. Potential will make him a millionaire. Coming back would be crazy risky unless he can purchase an insurance policy on himself.
  12. Meyers Leonard-Junior Year

    Nor should it.
  13. My Most Memorable Illini B-Ball Moments

    The Nick Anderson shot to beat IU. I was a little kid. Dad had friends over at the house and everyone went nuts. Hooked ever since. Close second - The comeback. I was ticked and picked a fight with my now wife because we were getting beat. Left the house and went for a drive with 5 minutes left. Listened on the radio and got home at the end of OT. Wife had tears of joy and the fight was over. My dog freaked and broke a lamp because my wife went nuts on the DWill shot. Great night.
  14. Our Football Equal

    Had an interesting discussion the other day and this came up. Who is our Football equal? That is, which football program most resembles the Illini program? I don't mean from this year alone, because I'm afraid that answer may actually be Illinois. For instance, you might say Gonzaga is the Boise St. of hoops. It brought some perspective to my conversation and I thought it might here too. I see a lot of people who think this is a Top 10 or so program, others see it as a borderline Top 25 program at best.

    4 guards and Leonard is definitely the way to go. Weber would argue the rebounding angle but it's not like Griffey is bringing that much to the table from that aspect. BW actually did a decent job of making changes tonight. Abrams and Bertrand can just play at a different speed, which is what we needed. Even if it seems gimmicky, at least it's something that teams will have a hard time matching up with. The motion with poor shooters and dudes that don't know how to cut isn't that hard to guard. If Leonard had a better jump shot he would easily average 20 a game. I say that knowing that if he played in a different offense with the same skill set, he would average 20 a game. Unfortunately, this offense is designed for a jump shooting big man. It also seems like we are using a lot less slip screens than in years past. Leaders are supposed to remove obstacles. Unfortunately the leader in this case seems to love the obstacle (his offense). It's a square peg-round hole situation and the same group of guys are going to be here next year, minus SM and ML. Geesh, do something different.