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  1. Iowa game

    But with Beckman its not a few plays it would be10-12 plays
  2. Iowa game

    Must not have seen it. Referee are very clearly on Iowa's side. There's a gif on Twitter off crouch taking a really bad helmet to helmet while out of bounds and a ref looking right at it. No call. Edit- and the defender was injured by his own penalty.
  3. Iowa game

    Not sure why we didn't plan on that being a fake
  4. Iowa game

    And we would be up 20-10 if not for the refs
  5. Jeff George will start against Iowa

    Yea but it was a bad call
  6. Iowa game

    Quite the performance. I think we might be the only 2 illini fans watching
  7. Cornholers

    I'm sick of these targeting calls. If lowering the helmet on defense is a penalty it should be on offense too. Also do they actually have a guy named Morgan, Stanley
  8. Cornholers

    Here we go!!!! ILL! I really think if we can get to 4 wins no matter the way, the program will explode!
  9. USF

    Really stupid targeting penalty. You know the reds are going to call it if you're close and that was obvious
  10. Ball State

    The intimidating hand bell music on 3rd down is just stopping them dead in their tracks
  11. Recruiting

    I saw him play a couple times. He was pretty good the first time but the second game he sucked! Obviously I'm not a professional scout so I pretty much know nothing but I'm not entirely convinced he's going to be incredible as a freshman.
  12. THT on Illini unofficial visit today.

    I heard a rumour that as soon as he signs with us he'll be upgraded to a 5 star
  13. NBA Finals Thread

    I've probably watched about 7 nba games in the last ten years. All 7 have been warriors vs cavs.
  14. Javon Pickett decommits

    Pickett would use 4 years of scholarships. I'm pretty sure Underwood pushing him away (if that's what happened) would be to preserve those scholarships for next year's class
  15. Mark Smith

    Just watched his entire highlight video for the season and this guy is still talking!