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  1. Four college assistants arrested for fraud

    are all the coaches listed thus far from schools that are aligned with one show company?
  2. Assistant suggestions...

    I'm curious as to how all this money changes hands and the IRS never comes calling. They really don't appreciate unreported income and they really don't appreciate money being paid to contractors or employers and W2s/1099s not being filed. They talk about closing the tax gap and ignore a situation like what goes on with the NCAA and pay for play? Someone has to be calling off the dogs. Loved that ending of the UNC semi final game. 4 straight misses where the shot came off the hand like someone aiming for the side of the rim.
  3. Cheatin' Tar Heels back in final four

    The free education isn't worth anything to a huge number of the college basketball players. They can't do anything with it. Might be able to bs a year or two of salary but it will end sooner rather than later. Never had a chance to begin with. You can't graduate hs being light years behind most students, get some paper and magically make a decent living. It isn't worth what it is to many non student athletes. And even some school like unc handing out jobs to alumni players is going to run out of spots. If I'm an ex player and am not going to get a job at Wells Fargo adding checking accounts unbeknownst to customers I want to be paid.
  4. Cheatin' Tar Heels back in final four

  5. Cheatin' Tar Heels back in final four

    Had the same hope but the past three weeks were never going to allow for it. No way an agent is going to advise a kid to miss the NCAA tourney and the exposure. Only way a kid would be making that call would be if he literally couldn't find a decent program to agree to his asking price. Or he couldn't find a school to "accommodate" his academic progress. The admittance seems easy. Just send them to the Morris twin summer school bridge program. It's keeping them eligible where the real pros come in. Roy used to be that guy. Time caught up with him. It does to all of us.
  6. Cheatin' Tar Heels back in final four

    Many students can't balance a job and college and ones that are behind the curve certainly can't. The NCAA needs to stop with the education pretense. It just leads to all the bull#$%&@! we see. Major in basketball and throw in a few bs classes with "life skills" and be done with it. Paying players is fine but not some dumbass stipend scheme. The invisible hand will have none of that. Allow the kentucky and Kansas to out spend us for recruits like now but do it above board and issue w2s. Have personal conduct clauses and let it all play out and see where that leads. When we are "officially" down to 10 programs who have any chance like now then maybe you revisit. Eventually fans are going to tune out. I'd be surprised if they aren't now. The biggest joke are the super coaches like our boy Roy and Rickey P and Billy S and Jimmy B and K. They are in it for the money power and ego. That's fine but 1st time a scandal breaks they will claim they are running The Underground Railroad. GTFO. These guys should all be in politics.
  7. Elite 8

    great to see nova win this one and oklahoma as well. not sure these two teams would have beaten oregon but an entertaining game. hard to imagine how many 1 or 2 seeds KU gets and comes up short.
  8. Krzyzewski proven to be a liar

    this sums it up
  9. Da'Monte dominated

    I appreciate class and college basketball has very little of it. Duke leads the way in lacking in it and it is a disgrace. I don't hate anyone so quit putting words in my mouth. Allen's actions are disgraceful and K loves them. Great scorer with little else to offer surrounded by All American's. Congrats for the title. Doesn't change the way he carries himself on the court. Nothing wrong with showing some class on and off it. Seems like that is mission impossible these days. Not surprising considering the people in charge and the "leaders of men". It is a complete circus and K is the ringleader.
  10. Day 4 NCAA Tournament

    None of the results are surprising it is how they got to that result. its almost impossible to lose a 12 pt lead in 30 plus seconds. USC and SFA endings were also very bizzare.
  11. Day 4 NCAA Tournament

    Walkup looked like he went dead in the final minute of the Stephen F Austin meltdown. His body language looked like a kid who was just told that the season was over and they were UP 5. He tried to dribble a steal through 3 guys when they basically had to foul and then threw up some shot where he wasn't looking at the rim and then helped give ND a USC/Providence like in-bounds lay-up. again i will say i have my ideas on how this happens and it isn't nerves. and i love that the CBS ran an add early on (maybe Thursday) with clips of past champions. featured in that clip talking about his champs? Roy Williams. they've already run the tOSU stall and have had plenty of time to circle the wagons. UNC will skate.
  12. Da'Monte dominated

    shame for him. you shouldn't put a price on personnel dignity and K strips the kids of it. I honestly believe grayson allen was probably a normal human being before K got a hold of him. now he is a punch-line. no one turns kids into bigger candy asses than the "leader of men". every ISIS recruitment has to start with duke basketball.
  13. Jamie Dixon to TCU...?

    its not like he is using tongue. seriously, family is important but....
  14. Day 4 NCAA Tournament

    Ref appears to be right on that play. Likely working the Final Four.
  15. How much longer do we have to wait?

    Marshall is the guy we need. 1st coach i can remember calling out his peers for being scumbags and an embarrassment. Love his attitude. Surly and productive. He can bring McDuffie with him please. Loses 2 huge stars and always has to battle as 2nd fiddle in the state. I can see him being interested. I enjoy him being the best coach in that state but always going to have to be that much better to out do the talent KU brings in. Isn't going to lock down Chicago or even be a force there, but no one is going to be coming down from the city unless everyone skates on the legal charges anyway. Its a gamble for sure. Its hard to find the next Ron Baker or VanVleet but he has been a big winner everywhere. (and in some difficult spots) 1st Choice is Marshall followed by Drew. Underwood and Jacobsen are going find the recruiting tough and can't really see where they would find their niche. I think Marshall brings a bit more name recognition than the other 2. Neither who have recruited much in Illinois. Marshall can point to Vanvleet and hopefully can identify what works for his system. Also like that he has grabbed McDuffie from Jersey City. Also hope he holds a second funeral for Self. Got to back it up but time to bury him again.