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  1. Wow!

    I'm sure there were a lot of reasons for it but the atmosphere at Memorial Stadium was #$%&@!y. It reminded me of going to Krannert and watching my daughters oboe solo
  2. Great work by ESPN. Really enjoyed the series. Brought back memories of when the NBA came to life.
  3. NBA Finals Thread

    Stephen.a Smith is a dick. I don't know why any would listen to him or watch him. ESPN should have let him go when they clean house. He's a classic example why ESPN is losing viewership
  4. Anonymous scouts' takes on Illini

    Please stop taking the bait from Smokey. He's an absolute idiot besides being a dick head.
  5. Worst Officiating Ever

    If I was Mike Anderson I'd still be in the locker room throwing up
  6. Backstory on BU and OSU

    Thanks for the info. Good read
  7. Sunday Games

    It was hard work but the officials managed to get North Carolina to the Sweet 16
  8. Why?

    How about a home nit game versus ISU and we only have to give away 11000 tickets to sell the place out? Who wouldn't look forward to this
  9. illini made bubble watch

    Case closed. If Tate says he staying, he is staying
  10. Remaining Schedule

    Nothing like striving to be mediocre. Maybe that should be the new Illini motto
  11. Coaching Search (updated)

    Couldn't agree more. We're stuck
  12. lets hope illinois loses next 3

    36 and 52 in conference play over five years says it all
  13. Ped State - The Return Game

    Say Goodnight John