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  1. Wow. Must have some real low standards at KSU.
  2. With the Draft Lottery being tonight

    There are a lot of ifs here. Hope Lavine can come back from the ACL injury. Can Dunn fulfill the promise that many had for him? Thibs dislikes rookies so maybe a new environment can pay off for him. Markkanen can shoot, but can he guard at the pro level?? I hope he isn't another Mitotic. Should be a very interesting year.
  3. With the Draft Lottery being tonight

    He could potentially be a good player and has good athletic ability with a long wingspan. The ACL injury probably will scare some teams and he may very well end up mid first round . If he does, will be interesting to see if the Bulls go after him.
  4. NCAA Rules on Louisville Escorts

    I don't care for either one and I think Pitino is an insufferable ass. Dee Brown(not Illini Dee) said year's ago that Pitino as a pro coach thought the fans came to see him coach. That's all you need to know. He treated assistants miserably as well.
  5. In the spirit of way to early polls

    If I were you, I wouldn't want to bet on Wisky being in the top 4 this year. Gard has not proven yet that he is Bo Ryan and the cupboard was left rather bare for this coming year. It will be a real test for him to be in the upper echelon of the conference and my guess is that they will struggle with a best case scenario being improvement toward the end of the conference season.
  6. In the spirit of way to early polls

    Mich. also loses Zak Irvin who came on toward the end of last season. Trimble had a nice season and was their leader and I think you will see Maryland drop in the standings. MSU will probably be the favorite. Purdue is going to miss Swanigan and I wouldn't be surprised to see NW come in either second or third. Minnesota should be tough and they will be in that upper group. After that, it is going to be anybody's guess more or less. I think Wisky comes back to earth with too much on Happ's shoulders. They lose four starters and I think it could be a struggle for them to be in the mix with the aforementioned teams.
  7. BU and no alleged contact with Simeon

    Until proven otherwise, you are probably right. Our best teams featured virtually all in state kids. If this new staff can bring in out of state players, then hopefully we will begin to have a better chance to land guys who want to stay home. At this juncture I would hope that they focus on some undervalued kids who are under the radar locally and not being recruited by Duke, Kansas, etc. Get out to the burbs and develop a relationship with Donnie Boyce and Pingatore.
  8. JCL

    Concur. JCL was more about promise based upon his high school ranking versus performance on the court. He had holes in his game and perhaps he saw that he didn't fit in BU's system. My main concern now is getting enough bodies to be able to practice and field a team with some modicum of depth. This year was more than likely going to be a throw away so if it means losing someone like JCL, so be it. I would rather BU brings guys into the system who fit and want to be here.
  9. I watched him play at Proviso West during the Christmas Tournament and was not overly impressed. He really needs to work on his outside shot and his game seems to consist of a bull rush to the hole.
  10. Jaylon Tate Inks Pro Deal

    This guy should have been at best an end of the bench guy. If he was a help in getting Kendrick Nunn, so be it. That backfired with Nunn getting dismissed and Groce failing to bring in enough studs to save his job. He might be a good kid and seemed to get more flak than he deserved because Groce couldn't land a decent pg.
  11. Mark Alstork Transfer

    That was my concern. Your comment about Starks is dead on: a chucker who took ill-advised shots. If he can be reined in, then maybe. i don't like the NBA bit where he may be looking to showcase his talents to the detriment of the team. I hope the staff has some better fall back options than this guy.
  12. Bulls postseason thread

    The Celtics are going to have their hands full vs. the Wizards. They won't be playing a JV team anymore. Bulls were disappointing once Rondo went down. Just shows the lack of backup point guards. I am not a Hoiberg fan, but mgt. didn't do him any favors with that steaming pile of crap that he had to work with. They need to let a chunk of guys go during the offseason. Hope this is the last I see of Mitotic and basically all of the backup point guards with the possible exception of Canaan. Wade certainly didn't help his cause either with some poor play at both ends and then topping things off with a 1-10 shooting night in an elimination game.
  13. The Tilmon Saga Part 5 or whatever

    If there is a suitable alternative, I am all for cutting ties with this guy. He seems like a total flake that is being pulled in many directions and may be a risk academically as well.
  14. Mark Smith

    They lose 4 starters. Puts a lot of pressure on Happ.
  15. Bulls postseason thread

    Rondo makes a big difference because both Grant and MCW are playing their way off the team for next year. They are very poor against pressure defense and getting teammates involved. Plus, neither one does even a decent job on defense against Thomas. Look for Canaan to take their minutes going the rest of the way in the playoffs. My bet is that this thing is over in 6 games.