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  1. Weber and Freshman

    All three true frosh are playing well and are important parts of the rotation and team. All have made blunders, taken poor shots, and been undressed on defense. All have srs playing their position ahead of them, if you project JR playing behind Davis which is not a stretch as he will likely be starting with ML and three guards next year. All three have shown to me the ability to learn and eliminate blunders and poor decisions. None are dependable shooters, and if they were, would definitely be considered as possible starters. The main point is that they are good players and will be great players someday, but they are not now, and the ILLINI areblessed that they are not having to play big minutes now.. They can play, get critiqued by the coaches, have fun, and grow and learn their game. I see that happening every game so far and the execution gap and contributions of the frosh as compared to the srs. is closing. That is a very, very, very good thing for the team........and the team is what matters. The chemistry would appear superior and only if the frosh are patient and work hard to contribute perfectly in their time on the court, can this team be as good as it can be. For my money, Weber has done a superior job of winning games while using these kids without any crushing blows to their confidence or glaring public displays of their lack of experience. That is ideal. There are no Kevin Durants or Derrick Roses on this team, but they all can someday reach that level and I continue to enjoy their quest. The best case of what you don't want to happen is IDKWTI. He was a terrific athlete, had gifted skills, be had much to learn about how to play the game and suffered a nightmare of a year in the process. Fortunately for him, he has continued to learn and become a strong NBA player which makes me admire his mental strength as many would have suffered under the stress.......many permanently scared as players for life. These frosh are learning and having fun playing the game as part of a very good team ....and making good contributions along with their blunders. It is what Weber wants and what we should want and be thankful.
  2. Is there a clear top 3 keys?

    This is a great observation and presentation. Pretty much hits all the nails solidly on the head.
  3. Leonard is taller than Tisdale

    IMHO, 33 is correct on all points.
  4. Leonard passes Richmond in lastest Rivals rankings....

    I remember seeing the same kind of projections.....that he may reach 6' 10" and was comparable to LJ at the same stage. Regardless, he is a great player and our Illini are fortunate to have him. I hope he works hard to improve defense and shooting over his collegiate career and will enjoy his play even if he is only 6' 6 3/4" tall.
  5. Next Year Hype Begins

    IMHO, any Illini fan who is not looking forward to next year is simply not a very rabid basketball fan. It will be one of the most formative and telling seasons in a long time. There will be much talent, much of it young and developing, along with some experience. To see if the staff can milk and attitude of toughness and hard work from a group of srs. who have been slow to buy in to that necessity is a huge key. To see if the freshmen and sophomores will simply impose their will in that regard and take minutes for that need will be interesting so watch. We do not know what the end product will be........duh.........but the anticipation is tougher to handle than a 7 year old trying to make it through Dec. until Christmas...........but we have about 8 of those Decembers to struggle through in order to get our reward.......or disappointment (not likely but possible).
  6. Dear Jeff Jordan

    Posts of this ilk appear on most message boards every year about this time. If you don't learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it.
  7. Does anyone know for certain how long Taylor Bell has been a print jounalist? I remember (or think I do) reading his work for the Daily News back in 1965.
  8. What strategy favors us for tonight's game?

    This is a correct and excellent observation. A young team has improved in this regard over the course of the season.
  9. Succession Planning

    It is sad that a part of humanity thinks this is good use of thought and time.
  10. Dear Brandon Paul,

    BP is simply a freakish athlete with some good by not elite basketball skills who came to campus knowing little about what was required to succeed at the top level of college hoops. He has settled in finally do doing a small group of things and improving rather than trying to make every play in the book....most of which he has not mastered. That will take time, but in the meantime, I have noticed a decided desire to learn, keep under control, play within the offense, rebound, and play defense with a purpose. Getting where he wants to be is a process and he is giving it the effort needed.......we just need to be patient and reel in expectations. We will all eventually be rewarded I think.
  11. Open Letter to Bruce Weber

    This post is well written, thoughtful, and reflective...........................but represents the worst of internet fan boards. I will tell you why...and pay attention. Whether Weber is or is not capable of restoring the Illini to an annual top 10 program......which it has never been.......or an annual top 25 program....which it should be.........is not something into which any of us have any input. If you do or do not support a coach, tell him.....face to face. Otherwise, leave the obvious to be observed. Time will tell all and supporting Weber or bringing his tenure to a close will be done by those who truly know the consequences of each and every facet, not just the scoreboard of one game. We don't need to slam anyone here in order to satisfy our personal elations or disappointment with the outcome of a game. That all becomes a very loud and obvious roar with the growth of empty, silent seats. We will know for certain where the program is capable of going in two or three seasons, maybe sooner, and these kind of posts will have not one bit of influence on that outcome at the end of that day. No one was more disappointed in the 32 minutes of 5th grade basketball we saw yesterday than myself, nor more elated by the win in Madison or at Clemson, but the BW's tenure was not be decided by either. Now, on a highly positive note, I am available to teach this team how to attack and score against a 1-3-1 zone. Isn't it odd that not a single coach or player at UI knows those basics? :lol:
  12. Fire Weber Bandwagon

    The truly sad thing about this thread, and human nature as it has evolved through college sport, is that those who even have the slightest notion of its validity, and there is admittedly some, do not understand that posting such on a public forum does not one good thing for their overall interest........unless they are a troll ....or to be redundant...a demented Michigan fan.
  13. Personally, I consider it a waste of my time to spend one second predicting the outcome of athletic contests. However, what I want to see tonight is the Illini finding a way to outscore the Bucks. That will take a yoeman's effort on both ends as I expect OSU to do its ultimate best to take DMac and Tiz out of the offense and for Turner to drive the lane all night. It ain't rocket science, but OSU has a lineup that is likely better suited than any other Big Ten team to accomplish those goals. Finding an efficient way to score while containing Turner and closing on shooters will be the Illini keys if they are to win. If it gets done, we will have another nailbiter to witness and shorten our lives with the stress before flipping a coin to see who wins. Can those things get done? Well, Pilgrim, we should all have seen enough of this game by now to know that any outcome has a probability of happening, so why waste the time on predictions...............just hold on and pull like hell for the Illini.
  14. Will Meyers Leonard start next year?

    Paris alone from 61 to 74 produced one highly recruited Div. 1 player almost every year plus "small college players to places like EIU, Evansville, Wesleyan, and others. Robinson during that time had 3 div. 1 kids while Charleston had a couple also so that statement was true even back then.
  15. So who wins the Big Ten?

    IMHO.....in view of the remaining schedules for each team, the many variables that affect performance on any given night, and the crazy and unpredictable outcomes we have seen to date, there is no way to predict the winner with any credibility or reason. Our beloved Illini are on the outside looking in, but who knows how long before the carriage turns into a pumpkin. They could well play strong to the end and lose a couple or three on rimmed out free throw. One thing for certain, it will be a captivating finish.