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  1. Dream Team Era Will End in London

    LOL talk about living in a bubble.
  2. Dream Team Era Will End in London

    This is not 1984, they will get destroyed. The Dream Team had its share of troubles with the top teams in the world the last 8 years, let alone a bunch of college kids.
  3. Why,Bruce, Why !!!!?????

    People are still actually talking about Bruce Weber and even worse some are defending him? You guys need to move on more than he does. Get it through your heads, HE IS GONE. Since he accomplished such great things at Illinois, let him show up Illinois and accomplish those same great things at Kansas State.
  4. Isaac Chew to Leave for Marquette

    Well said fan17 and OKlegend. Look for Brandon Miller to be promoted to assistant and someone else will fill his spot.
  5. Most Pivotal UI recruits

    This is true. Richmond and Howard should not be brought up in this thread again.
  6. Collins to Illini???

    Twitter has made coaching searches so annoying. I don't understand why people consider every dummy with a twitter account as a source.
  7. Bubbles to provide analysis for CBS

    I'm referring to people still talking about his tenure. Whatever he does from here on out go ahead and rip on him. Because it will take many, many years for him to get over it and he will continuously make remarks.
  8. Bubbles to provide analysis for CBS

    I don't get it, people are STILL arguing about Bruce Weber? He is gone, he has been FIRED. Bruce Weber will never coach a basketball game for the University of Illinois again. Deal with it. Move on.
  9. Has the Tourney Jumped the Shark?

    The poor NFL and it's empty stadiums. The stuff you read on the internet is amazing. Please let me know when that becomes an issue.
  10. I say we bring Guenther back.
  11. mike thomas could have put a stop to this

    It is not a knock on him at all. 100% of athletic directors would do the same.
  12. mike thomas could have put a stop to this

    His ass is on the line? Ok. For the 100 billionth time Bruce will not be fired till the season is over.
  13. Bruce Going Down With Excuses Blazing

    A history of excuses: 2005-06 = Dee Brown ballhog 2006-07 = Warren Carter & Rich McBride not leaders 2007-08 = Shaun Pruitt team cancer, Eric Gordon screwed BAM and the legend of Jamar 2008-09 = Chester Frazier injured (5.7ppg 4.8rpg 5.3apg) & Eric Gordon screwed BAM. 2009-10 = Demetri McCamey lazy & Eric Gordon screwed BAM. 2010-11 = Demetri McCamey fat, Davis & Tisdale not leaders/soft and Jereme Richmond team cancer 2011-12 = Sam Maniscalco injured, Meyers distracted by NBA PLEASE END THIS MISERY.
  14. Mike Thomas: Part deux

    Nah, firing him now or at the end of season will not make a difference and if anything it would actually do more harm than good to fire him now. He will follow protocol as a new AD should and will fire him at the end of the season.
  15. Hey Brumby....

    LOL, I actually laughed at that. I forgot about that.